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You’ve heard this one before…the “Disability program is rife with fraud.” In fact, the GAO reports the opposite. The number of disability approvals has declined and fraud is a tiny percentage. Arm yourself with the facts about the disability program and share them with your friends.

Well unfortunately facts and truth have never been an issue for conservatives before.


The Sacramento Bee:

Dire predictions about jobs being destroyed spread across California in 2012 as voters debated whether to enact the sales and, for those near the top of the income ladder, stiff income tax increases in Proposition 30. Million-dollar-plus earners face a 3 percentage-point increase on each additional dollar.

“It hurts small business and kills jobs,” warned the Sacramento Taxpayers Association, the National Federation of Independent Business/California, and Joel Fox, president of the Small Business Action Committee.

So what happened after voters approved the tax increases, which took effect at the start of 2013?

Last year California added 410,418 jobs, an increase of 2.8 percent over 2012, significantly better than the 1.8 percent national increase in jobs.

Private Prison CEO Will Host Florida GOP Governor At $10K-A-Plate Fundraiser


Over the past few years, private prison firm GEO Group has become known for inmate abuse, workplace violence, and fraudulent reporting at its U.S. facilities. One federal judgefound that GEO “allowed a cesspool of unconstitutional and inhuman acts and conditions to germinate” at one…

Gotta keep those wheels greased. Who cares if everyone knows you are bought and paid for. You are a new breed of politicians, no moral compass, empathy, compassion or ethics.


Closing the gender pay gap would do more than just help working women: It could also help shore up the nation’s finances, a new study suggests.

Making sure women earn equal pay for equal work could trim Social Security’s long-term shortfall by up to a third, according to a study released Thursday by Social Security Works, a non-profit group advocating to protect Social Security. That’s because boosting women’s pay would put more money into the program’s coffers.

via Huffington Post.

Equal Pay for Women = Equal Social Security Benefits.

President Obama Signs Non-Discrimination Order With No Religious Exemptions



H/T: Jean Ann Esselink at The New Civil Rights Movement

OMG, the Fifth horseman of the Apocalypse is loose.  Now everyone will have to marry their dog and/or sibling.  The end is here.  Woe is me.





Ronald Reagan pretty much ruined everything for millennials.

fuckin’ ronnie

I try and bring up how he ruined free in state tuition in the name of hippie bashing when he was California’s governor often, but don’t exactly have the biggest platform.

"Worst of all, these students’ sense of the future is constrained by planning for and then paying down their student loans, often for decades. Economists are waking up to the fact that when young Americans enter the workforce burdened with over a trillion dollars in cumulative debt, they become risk averse, unwilling to move, less able to make major purchases, and slower to become homeowners. Not coincidentally, they don’t feel safe enough to register any major protests against the society that’s done this to them.”


The Republican God Reagan, was a horrible president. It’s not surprising the current Republicans worship this guy. I mean why step out of character and use facts to make decisions.


The Shameful Truth About Who Makes Money Off Something Called The ‘Immigration Detention Bed Quota’

Sometimes it seems our system of immigration is purposefully broken — for instance, when you see infographics like this one and realize the massive profit that corporations are making off the detention of immigrants. It’s just one of those times you have to shake your head. And your fist.

Well these corporations have to do something with the possibility of Federal drug sentences being reduced.

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