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All the anti-union rhetoric from libertarians just stems from their hatred of having to pay union dues if they joined.

The union dues are a very small price to pay when you take into account that you cannot be unjustly fired, you have health insurance (damn good plan, too), you have off-days, you can collectively bargain, and much more.

I laugh at libertarians because it is a small minority (but a group of people nonetheless) that are turning up their nose at their ONLY chance at upward mobility. Yeah, deregulating big industry and big banks won’t suddenly make you a millionaire, even though you probably like to tell yourself that it would.

Small problem with this. It’s truthful and factual. Libertarians and Republicans tend not to believe facts.


"Since hitting bottom in February 2010, the private sector has been even more robust: It’s currently experiencing 53 consecutive months of job growth. (Every month represents a new record.)

More than 1 million of those jobs have been in health care — or to put it another way, the health care sector is responsible for every job created (and then some), since the Great Recession began.”

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On the Origins of Fuck Part 2: But what about the D?


A new blogpost on So Long as it’s Words! On ‘O d fuckin Abbot’ from 1528.

Unlike the so-called Anglo-Saxon four-letter swearwords, the gritty, grubby nasty ones which we like to imagine hark back to a harsh medieval life, damn is originally from Latin, and came into English via French. In Latin, damnāre meant ‘to inflict damage upon something’ or ‘to condemn to punishment’.

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