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A court has dealt a major blow to Obamacare, which, remember, was the conservative alternative originating in the Heritage Foundation and implemented in Massachusetts by the GOP’s last presidential nominee. The right will never quit until it is dead. We are the only advanced nation without universal health care. The Republican message to the poor is: die. Yet a majority of poor whites vote Republican every time.
Rogue Columnist: Stuck (via azspot)
So we don’t have a debt crisis, and never did. Why did everyone important seem to think otherwise? To be fair, there has been some real good news about the long-run fiscal prospect, mainly from health care. But it’s hard to escape the sense that debt panic was promoted because it served a political purpose — that many people were pushing the notion of a debt crisis as a way to attack Social Security and Medicare. And they did immense damage along the way, diverting the nation’s attention from its real problems — crippling unemployment, deteriorating infrastructure and more — for years on end.
The deficit crisis is fake. (via salon)


We are at a pivotal moment in American history. … When large corporations and a few wealthy families can spend unlimited sums of money to buy and sell politicians, it is now clear to most Americans that the foundation of American democracy is under severe attack.”

From “Democracy or Oligarchy?” by +Bernie Sanders , in the July/August 2014 special issue of +The Progressive Magazine .

Thanks to +Worley Dervish  

Rick Perry can't explain what the National Guard is supposed to do at the border


Guardsmen can’t arrest anyone, they definitely can’t fire on civilians, all they can do is wave to anyone crossing the border. So it’s not extremely clear what Perry expects them to do. Of course, this means that someone’s going to ask him what he expects, so someone did.

"I]f these children who’ve undergone these harrowing journeys, to escape the most desperate conditions in their home countries, have gotten this far, are they really going to be deterred by the presence of troops along the border who won’t shoot them and can’t arrest them?" Fox’s Chris Wallace asked Perry.

Rick didn’t have an answer. But all the ‘baggers and bigots — apparently completely ignorant of the fact that the Guard can’t actually do anything but soak up taxpayer money to pose for Perry’s grandstanding photo-op — are cheering it wildy. And that’s the point. This isn’t about Texas or America, it’s about Rick Perry ‘16.

Once again, Texas taxpayers are being forced to pay for Governor Perry’s grandiose political ambitions,” Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas) said in a statement. ”It is a costly misuse of our highly skilled National Guard to demand its service as a mere referral agent for children seeking refuge from abuse. Doing its job effectively, our Border Patrol does not need interference from either Governor Perry or vigilantes. We deserve Texas tough, but today we get only Texas Governor weak – weak on any bipartisan solutions, weak on any meaningful action.”

Regarding the highway bill, I think the current tea party obstructionists and others who oppose it are freeloaders. That’s right. Republicans like Eisenhower knew public infrastructure is an investment in the future. For the past few decades we have been enjoying the benefits of that without properly maintaining. That is freeloading on the “Greatest Generation” with little regard for the next generation.

Scott Oakes (via moreleftthannot)

Yes we are living off the capital investment of the 50s and 60s.  Without this investment Reaganomics would have collapsed immediately.  The entire modern Conservative economic concept requires squeezing out all they can without reinvesting and then moving on to somewhere else without looking back.

America's Conservative Road to Destruction - A Brief History



I was born in the early 50′s, spent 8 years in the Air Force, and had the chance to raise two great kids and enjoy a prosperous America before the right wing tentacles grabbed two thirds of our government. I’ve watched this happen in my lifetime as have many of you. Please take a few…

It cut off, but here is the entire article:

A few days after the NAFTA vote, the US Senate passed “the finest anticrime package in history” (Senator Orrin Hatch), calling for 100,000 new police, high-security regional prisons, boot camps for young offenders, extension of the death penalty and harsher sentencing, and other onerous conditions. Law enforcement experts interviewed by the press doubted that the legislation would have much effect on crime because it did not deal with the “causes of social disintegration that produce violent criminals.” Primary among those are the social and economic policies polarizing American society, carried another step forward by NAFTA. The concepts of “efficiency” and “health of the economy” preferred by wealth and privilege offer nothing to the growing sectors of the population that are useless for profit-making, driven to poverty and despair. If they cannot be confined to urban slums, they will have to be controlled in some other way.
Noam Chomsky, Profit Over People: Neoliberalism And Global Order (1997)

(Source: justinacuff)


Nearly one in every 100 adults in America is in prison or jail.

Or, as John Oliver so helpfully points out, America has more prisoners at the moment than China. And we don’t have more of anything than China, ‘other than, of course, debt to China.’

Overcrowding in America’s prisons has become so pervasive that Sesame Street is now stepping in to explain just how we got here (2:30 minute mark)

"And of course, it’s tricky to know how to feel about all this because on the one hand, the war on drugs has completely solved our nation’s drug problem. So that’s good," Oliver jokes. "But on the other hand, our drug laws do seem to be a little draconian and a lot racist."

And Oliver isn’t wrong.

Drug offenders make up a shocking amount of prisoners in America’s penitentiary system.

Drug offenders account for more inmates than those being held on immigration-related charges, The Huffington Post reports:

"People convicted of two broad categories of nonviolent crimes — drugs and immigration — make up over 60 percent of the U.S. prison population,” The Huffington Post reported in March.”

No wonder we need John Oliver and Sesame Street to explain this system to us.

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